Air of freedom
canvas, acrylic, organza, wood
3×3×1,5 м
The work is a reflection on the concept of cultural and historical layers and the passage of time.
It is a symbolic transition from the 19th century, the era when what we now call modernity was born, to our time.
In focus is the perception of the female image in the middle of the 19th century. Drawing a parallel with the paintings of this period, including works by Caspar David Friedrich, the author sought to reflect the invisibility of women in public life through such an element of romantic landscape as air.

Embroidered lines from the Romantic poet Anna Bunina’s poem "Song" appear on the canvas through the picturesque layer of blue shades depicting the air.

The translucent cloth in front of the canvas creates not only an airy, but also in a sense a historical perspective, where with each new layer the image and the text become less visible, as if dissolving into the flow of time.
Caspar David Friedrich, Bohemian Landscape with Mount Milleschauer (1808)