co-authored with Ksenia Roshar
interdisciplinary project
Feeling the processes of atomization in society as a loss of skills of collective problem solving and group interaction, we got the idea to try to unite completely different people with the help of art! And the point of contact was literature.
We chose Homer’s "The Odyssey" as one of the first works of fiction in the history of mankind, which is at the very heart of our civilization and has been translated into most languages.
The project consists of two parts — a reading group and a performance, which took place in Moscow in June 2023 as part of the IV Artmossphere street art biennale.
Eight multilingual performers, starting from different locations, moved along specific routes to the meeting place, accompanied by cameramen. Traveling like Odysseus, they stopped and read out excerpts from the poem in different languages.
In the project, Homer’s text was read in Russian, Polish, English, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, Arabic and reproduced in sign language.
The joint reading of the final passage was a unifying polyphony. Everyone was talking about the same thing, although in different languages.