Write my name on a dancing cloud
part 2
The second part of the project "Write my name on a cloud", created and shown in Greece, where nature is the co-author.

Convolvulus flower
Painting (canvas, acrylic)
2,2X4,6 m each
Sculpture (marble, pencil)
sizes vary
single-channel video, 1:03
"Almost all initiation rites, regardless of their specifics and location, contain element: the passage through a dark corridor as a symbolic way through death and resurrection to light and life".

Adam Wodnicki, "Provence Triptych."

For the video "Transition," the key image was the image of the tunnel as an expression of the moment in which a person is left alone with his or her fears. In total loneliness he undergoes a test in order to gain inner maturity.
It is a symbolic death, a transition from one world to another.
How the transition will be, and the main thing â€” to what, depends only on the person and his inner strength.

This rite refers to the myth of Persephone, who was abducted by Hades. Through a narrow passage that opened in the earth, she entered the kingdom of the dead by going through a symbolic death rite. As a result, the impassable boundary between the two worlds was erased.